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Trading of Refined Products

Our trading business is based in Ghana. Our team of experienced oil traders in Ghana effectively communicate between the sellers and buyers; not only do they assist the sellers in expanding their market shares, but they also make use of economies of scale to grasp trading opportunities for buyers.

Currently, our trading business focuses on Gas Oil, Gasoline, LPG, etc and has gained strong foothold in the regional market, with a total trading tonnage of over 20,000 Metric Tons Monthly. Having long term stable relationships with major Asian refineries, we are able to obtain first hand market information and strategize ourselves promptly in providing the best oil supply and trading service to our customers. Our customers are widespread over West Africa, including Ghana, Nigeria, Togo and to the landlock Countries such as Mali, Niger, Burkina and Faso and also in the Asia Countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Timor-Leste, etc. With a deep understanding of the business, our Group has expanded the international trading business to include chemical products such as base oil and jet oil.

The Group has a robust risk management framework and we hedge our physical oil stock to minimize our exposure to oil price volatility. This also well supports the Global Marine Bunkering business in ensuring that the price volatility of oil does not affect the stability of our earnings.